ChaosRacer 2
This is a 2D racing game in development. You will be controlling the cars from the bird's eye view and drive "traditional" circuit races.

Watanien 2
Watanien 2 is a city simulation, where it's your task to plan and build a rising town.

In the desktop game ChaosBreaker you have to 'click away' as many neighboring stones with the same color as possible. The more stones disappear the more points you get.

In Hexagon you fight for the domination of the hexagonally playground. You have to use your balls real clever to assimilate the opponent and to avoid backstrokes. This game is a remake of 'Hexxagon' from 'Argo Games' of the year 1993.

Your mission in PuzzleMasters is to solve the jigsaw puzzle. Different difficults 16 to 1024 pieces are possible. Additional you can change the level of difficulty with TAB. Hard - all tiles can be moved. Medium - tiles which has been placed correctly can't be moved again. Easy - graphical hint where the selected tile should be put. Of cour...

ChaosKnufel is a Yahtzee variation with six dice and extended rules.

BB-Poker is a online version for the poker-variant "Texas Hold 'em". One can play without signing up or the use of a credit card, since it is of course not about real money.

The goal of the game is to defeat the opponent on a 10*10 board. You can achieve this by piling bombs on the playground. Every field can only hold a limited number of bombs before it explodes. This number is the number of neighbour fields minus one. So each corner field can only hold one single bomb. The side fields can hold two and all the othe...

GoBang is a computer version of the "5 in a row" game. So the goal is to be the first, who places 5 stones in a row, no matter whether vertically, horziontally or diagonally. Since it is a board game, you can place your stone on any free field. The game supports the following game modes: Fighting the computer ai, a friend on one PC or someone am...