Here are all modules from Chaos Interactive. Modules are extensions to the programming language "BlitzMax" with new, special functions. All modules are free to use. Partly they are also available through the SVN-server at the BlitzBasic Portal. We hope you find what you need!

NSUserDefaults wrapper module for BlitzMax. The NSUserDefaults class provides a standard way to save the user defaults for your application. The defaults are saved in "~/Library/Preferences/MyApplication.plist", wich is the path all OS X applications use to save their defaults.

Chaos.Clone adds cloning and saving ability for nearly all objects.

ChaosConsole is an easy to use console (similar to the ones in Quake 3 or Counter-Strike) allowing flexible and easy debugging and testing in games or programs. Using some basic commands, you can access all fields of your instances or invoke methods and accordingly functions with any parameters. You can show/hide the console at the push of a bu...

With this module it\'s very easy to set up and implement simple bottons for an ingame grapical user interface.

DesktopExtension comes up with a few extended commands für BlitzMax for dealing with the desktop.

BitmapFont loads a BMP- or PNG- font and allows handling with it by using the standard ImageFont-function. So the font can be drawn with DrawText and manipulations like SetScale, SetRotation and so on are possible, too. Unfortunately there are the same restrictions as with LoadImageFont.

The Ini-module parses *.ini files and loads their data into memory. Now you can read, manipulate and save the data. This can be useful, for instance if you want to give your game or application easy-to-manipulate settings.